The Waterlase MD Turbo all-tissue laser increases treatment acceptance, attracts new patients, and prevents cross-contamination. It offers a minimally invasive alternative to drills with injections for many restorative procedures—welcome news for anxious or fearful patients. With the proprietary YSGG wavelength (2,780 nm), up to 8 W of power, and turbo handpiece, there is no noticeable difference in speed when cutting hard-tissue compared to conventional high-speed drills. It also provides therapy for moderate to advanced gum disease, promoting new attachment and removing calculus. It can also clean and disinfect root canals after endodontic instrumentation. A February 2009 Journal of the Canadian Dental Association article showed bacterial contamination rates following resterilization of used dental burs and endodontic files can range from 15% to 58%. As most Waterlase procedures utilize single-use tips, this cross-contamination potential can be eliminated. Hands-on training is included with every Waterlase purchase. For more information, call (888) 424-6527 or visit biolase.com.


DENTAL CHAIR - Belmont Equipment

The new Bel-20+ dental chair is designed with a rugged, stylish appearance that complements any operatory. Beneath the good-looking exterior, Belmont has incorporated high-quality, time-proven components to produce a durable and reliable chair that can be counted on to perform for years to come. It utilizes a low-profile, dual-axis headrest for optimal positioning of the oral cavity to access patient’s upper and lower arches. With the seat backrest fully reclined, patients can be lowered all the way down to a mere 10.6 in from the floor, as measured from headrest support bar. This permits operators to maintain a healthier and more ergonomic working posture. For more information, call (800) 223-1192 or visit belmontequip.com.


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