The MIDWEST STYLUS ATC handpiece features Speed-Sensing Intelligence and Superior Turbine Suspension, technologies that solve 2 longstanding challenges facing dentists: load-based variations in speed that can cause stalling and bur deflection and chattering that occurs at high speeds and can affect accuracy and precision. Speed-Sensing Intelligence automatically optimizes the delivery of power, under load, to provide smooth, consistent cutting speeds for unmatched efficiency and fastest removal of material. It maintains the speed regardless of the load. Its Superior Turbine Suspension allows the handpiece to operate at high speeds, under load, with no noticeable bur deflection or chattering. This provides outstanding control. No handpiece on the market addresses these challenges so effectively. The result is a cutting experience that is smoother and more effortless, efficient, and powerful than any other handpiece being offered today. For more information, call (800) 989-8825 or visit Stylusatc.com.

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