The JETSONIC 2000M combination ultrasonic scaler/polishing unit incorporates patented advanced digital scaler circuitry that automatically tunes all 25-K and 30-K scaling inserts. Just select your favorite inserts and you’re ready to go. The micro-chip feedback control system ensures optimal scaling efficiency with minimum input power for all power settings. Unique sensor technology automatically identifies and controls either the scaler or polisher functions, thereby eliminating the need for manual handpiece selection. A power-surge mode that increases the power for each power setting and makes light work of those tenacious deposits can be activated by simply double clicking on the footswitch. Releasing the footswitch instantly returns the power to the previously memorized power setting. Following Deldent’s highly successful Jetpolisher 2000 polishing unit, the unique patented and highly efficient H.S.T air-polishing system has been incorporated into the JETSONIC 2000M. For more information, call (877) 626-8872.

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