The Wand STA System with Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology is a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system that produces local anesthesia predictably and consistently. It provides 3 unique benefits: (1) it offers an objective means to guide the clinician to the proper injection site, PDL, to perform a STA-Intraligamentary Injection, which can replace the mandibular block as a primary injection; (2) it provides real-time pressure feedback, ensuring accuracy and safety throughout the injection; and (3) it offers predictable, profound anesthesia with almost immediate onset. The pencil-grip handpiece is ergonomically designed for precision and accuracy. The Wand STA system delivers anesthetic below the patient’s pain threshold, resulting in a virtually pain-free injection. For more information, call (800) 862-1125 or visit milestonescientific.com.



All rotary Ni-Ti systems are excellent in creating a crown-down effect, but they do not irrigate or cleanse the lateral canals that are breeding ground for bacteria, which in effect increase post-op pain and inevitable retreatment. The MM1500+, with its cavitation effect, effectively cleanses the lateral canals and greatly reduces post-op pain and patient recalls. It is a must-have complement to all Ni-Ti rotary systems because: (1) it requires no installation; (2) it offers great visibility and accessibility; (3) it removes the smear layer; (4) it facilitates safe and rapid canal flaring and/or debridement; (5) it offers superior cleansing with the irrigation and cavitation effect; and (6) it is user-friendly and patient comforting. For more information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit medidenta.com.


E&Q Master cordless gutta-percha obturator system delivers fast, effective results. You can produce dense, easily controlled, fully dimensional obturation of even the most complex root canal system. Designed for sequential use, the E&Q Master Pen heats up to 320°F (160°C) in only one second for perfect down packing, condensation, and cutting of traditional gutta-percha. It ensures a smooth backfill. It also has: (1) simple, user-friendly operation that accommodates a variety of techniques; (2) a slim, lightweight ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold; (3) a thermo-plasticized method that saves time; and (4) low voltage lithium-ion batteries that provide 2 hours of continuous operation (an extra battery is included to eliminate downtime). The pen softens and condenses gutta-percha within the root canal, and the tip cools in seconds for safe removal. Efficient heating optimizes vertical condensation. For more information, call (888) 400-META.


X-pod is a wireless digital system that allows users to capture diagnostic-quality x-rays and review them on the integrated handheld touchscreen. It comes with multizoom functionality, image-enhancing tools, and tooth-association charts to give dentists maximum flexibility on the go. A high-capacity lithium-polymer battery allows recharge-free daylong use. With chamfered edges and rounded corners, X-pod’s 3-layer, 25 line pairs/mm sensor is designed for maximum patient comfort. It features a thin, fiber-optic plate to improve image definition and protect the silicon receptor from direct x-ray exposure. With X-pod, dentists are free to collect hundreds of images on the 2-GB SD memory card, organize them in patient-dedicated folders, and share them with any computer using Bluetooth 2 wireless connectivity or a USB cable. X-pod is compatible with both PCs and Macs, and the company includes free imaging software for use on office computers. For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit myrayamerica.com.

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