Discovery Center2 is the latest achievement in wireless intraoral imaging. With a state-of-the-art touchscreen monitor and integrated software, it literally puts the innovation of wireless imaging at your fingertip. An all-in-one imaging station, it requires no additional computer equipment and is perfect for adding intraoral imaging to any operatory. Wirelessly capture images directly to each patient’s folder with one click on the camera. Your saved images will be displayed as thumbnails for simple cataloging or removal. Export your patient images with ease for hassle-free photo printing using the included SD memory card. Import your own images as well via SD or USB input. Discovery Center2 features a 19-in LCD touchscreen, built-in DVD player and speakers, 3 USB ports, and one SD card slot, and it includes a stylus, mouse, keyboard, and SD Card. Its wireless DiscoveryCAM2 features a true optical lens. For more information, call (866) 578-5533. In Canada, call (866) 578-5522.

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