MICROSCOPE - Magnified Video Dentistry

´╗┐The new MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope 3 produces precise, clear, highly magnified images and eliminates the need for magnified loupes or microscopes, thereby reducing back, neck, and eyestrain. By incorporating the scope and a more ergonomic posture position during procedures, dentists can reduce aches and pains and may actually prolong their careers by eliminating the need to constantly bend or twist over the patient. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders are the No. 1 reason for dentists retiring early. Imagine being able to perform lengthy procedures with your head up, looking straight ahead at highly magnified images on a high-resolution 19-in video display placed at eye level. The updated MagnaVu PS 3 Scope has a longer down tube leading to a new, triple-axis swivel at the scope head, providing additional movement, more visibility, and better viewing angles than in the past. For more information, call (877) 556-6587 or visit magnavu.com.

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