The new, cost-effective PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage Scanning Technology is dedicated to providing dentistry's highest quality, highest definition, low-radiation dose, and most diagnostic 3-D and multiplanar CBCT images. Its features include the following: (1) profession-leading 0.15-mm focal spot; (2) up to a 53% reduction in radiation and a 50% reduction in scan time; (3) powerful, intuitive software with implant planning, fusion/stitching function, and nerve and endodontic tracing tools; (4) proven advanced training and customer support; and (5) a "green" computer/server, reducing energy consumption by 50%. The inherent deficiencies and limitations of 2-D radiographs make cone beam computed tomography scans a valuable tool to investigate and diagnose anatomy in both 3-D and multiplanar reformation images. The ability to view 3-D and multiplanar reformation images slices in cross-section, long axis, and oblique directions and angles gives dentists unprecedented ability to accurately diagnose and treatment plan. For more information, call (855) PREXION or visit prexion.com.



AirFloss is a breakthrough interproximal cleaning device that uses advanced microburst technology to blast air and water droplets between teeth to remove 99% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. A simple and effective way to clean between teeth, Sonicare AirFloss was reported by 86% of users to be easier to use than floss. With a simple point and press, one-handed, one-button operation, it produces less than a teaspoon of water per whole mouth clean in 60 seconds. For more information, call (800) 682-7664 or visit sonicare.com.



The new EJ-CA01UP intraoral camera achieves outstanding color reproduction of teeth and gums using Panasonic Digital Signal Processing technology, and its auto-focus feature excels at close-up image capture from zero mm to infinity with a newly developed multiple-lens design. Equipped with an image stabilization feature, the camera also compensates for hand movement and reduces the need to recapture images. The camera has several viewing and playback options, including simultaneous viewing of multiple still images on a monitor as well as connecting to a PC or printer. Panasonic's range of full high-definition monitors completes your total dental imaging solution. For more information, call (201) 271-3254 or visit panasonic.com/visionsystems.


Top 50 Technology Product 2011