DENTAL TREATMENT CENTER - Velopex International

The Aquacut Dental Treatment Center lets you select and build the system in the most affordable manner. Purchase the complete unit outright or just the modules that suit your needs. It uses powder, air, and water to cut with a slurry. It offers greater cutting efficiency at lower air pressures, making it the ideal choice for clinicians. There is no heat, no vibration, no bad odors, and no turbine noise. It makes cavity preparation, composite repair, and preventative resin restorations quick and easy, and stain removal/prophylaxes can be completed quickly with fantastic results. A 3-in-1 syringe lets you wash and dry with the same handpiece. It can also act as a sandblaster/microetcher to tidy up lab work or clean up debonded crowns. For more information, call (888) 835-6739.



The new PaX-Flex is the most versatile product offering to date by Vatech America. It features options for all modalities and configurations, including cone beam computed tomography, true digital panoramic, and cephalometric imaging. The PaX-Flex provides clients with an affordable digital panoramic imaging system. The option of field upgrading to cephalometric and CBCT can occur at any time a practice's imaging needs develop. With multiple CBCT fields of view upgrade options, patient exposure can be limited based on clinical need. Featuring an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, built-in, optional 10.4-in LCD touchpanel, patient-positioning and image capture can be performed simply and accurately. Powerful, robust software and client support is included to satisfy the demands of any dental practice to make the PaX-Flex a welcome addition to any dental practice. For more information, call (888) 396-6872 or visit the Web site vatechamerica.com.


FILM DIGITIZER - VIDAR Systems Corporation

The Dental Film Digitizer creates digital images from analog dental film for primary diagnostic use. It is the only scanner on the market available that meets US and European guidelines for dental applications, and the digital image can legally replace the original x-ray film. Providing an efficient and affordable solution, the digitizer is ideal for dental offices that are already using digital intraoral imaging but have not yet made the conversion with their panoramic and cephalometric imaging equipment. For more information, call (800) 471-7226 or visit the Web site vidar.com/dental.


ULTRASONIC SCALER - Vista dental Products

The piezo Pilot offers unprecedented power in a quiet, compact, lightweight design, and its innovative features and state-of-the-art circuitry give the user the widest range of amplitude settings for high-end performance. It has a greater power range than average. Its low range is great for normal endodontic applications and its midrange for perio and hygiene, but the exceptional feature is its upper range. It was tested with piezo surgical tips and found to have enough power to do both endodontic and implants. The Pilot is available in 6 colors with matching autoclavable handpiece sleeves and includes a set of 4 ultrasonic hygiene tips or endodontic tips. For more information, call (877) 418-4782 or visit vista-dental.com.


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