Radii Plus Pro is a diagnostic tip/LED curing light that enables you to work as fast as possible; within seconds, you can change from using the diagnostic tip to the curing light. It has a peak output of 2,100 mW/cm2, ensuring it is one of the most powerful LED lights available today. And with 1,200 ten-second cures, you don’t have to keep recharging the unit. The Radii Plus diagnostic tip lights up those hard-to-see areas to assist in identifying issues such as cracks in cusp and teeth, subgingival fractures, and interproximal decay. Both the LED tip and the diagnostic tip allow the user to twist 360° to whatever position is required. And with the LED at the end of the tip, all energy goes directly to where the user wants it to go, ensuring low heat emission. For more information, call (800) 228-5166 or visit sdi.com.au.

Top 50 Technology Product 2012