Top 50 Technology Products 2011

Dentistry Today’s Second Annual Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, represent some of the profession’s most innovative technology products.


Increased power, versatility, and speed of cures are available to dental professionals through the power of the Elipar S10 LED Curing Light. Its one-piece stainless-steel casing makes it durable and virtually unbreakable, and the simple 2-button operation provides one cure mode for all indications and a tack cure mode. The Elipar S10 curing light comes equipped with a 3-, 10- and its new 8-mm light guide and offers up to 3 times more intensity than comparable devices. Enabling a light intensity of up to 1,600 mW/cm2, the new 8-mm light guide gives dental professionals even higher optical power than before. A new coating offers long-term protection against fingerprints and stains. For more information, call (800) 634-2249 or visit



Spectra is a handheld, noninvasive imaging instrument that visually aids in the detection of caries. Fluorescence technology indicates extent of decay with color and numerical readings to provide unsurpassed caries detection—and higher case acceptance for more revenue per patient. Early detection also means more restoration and less excavation. It can also be used during caries removal process to ensure all carious dentin is removed. It lets you store and compare images over time to track the effect of your treatment and can be used to detect fractured tooth syndrome, plaque, and caries. Spectra will work with virtually any patient management software and connects to computer with USB cable. It weighs only 2.1 oz and comes with a 3-year warranty. It is FDA cleared. For more information, call (800) AIRTECH or visit



The iTero's powder-free system scans quadrants and full arches, which allows the clinician to easily take digital impressions of single-unit cases as well as more comprehensive restorative and cosmetic full-arch treatment plans—including fixture level implant impressions. Onscreen visualization of the scan in real time ensures that preparations are perfectly completed and that there is adequate occlusal clearance to achieve the best cosmetic and restorative outcome. The new iTero 4.0 software includes a customized user interface, real time model scanning protocol, STL export for doctors, eraser tool, and margin marking tool. With the real time model scanning protocol doctors can see the impression build as they scan and complete the high resolution impression in just minutes. The STL export function allows the doctors to send the digital impression file to third party digital service providers for integration with cone beam computed tomography scans, creation of implant surgical guides, or other digital treatment services. For more information, call (800) 577-8767 or visit



Field tested and expert endorsed, the Azenic DHP disposable high-speed handpiece is the new standard of care in dentistry. Offering amazing power, torque, and cutting efficiency, you can use the low-cost DHP to tackle harsh reduction cases, crown preparations, and surgical procedures, protecting your expensive handpieces from costly wear and tear. Individually wrapped, single-patient-use, sterile, and disposable, with the powerful DHP on hand, busy days, equipment breakdowns, and emergency cases are never a worry, assuring your practice and your bottom line stay on track. Better yet, the DHP is 100% recyclable and easy to order through authorized national dealers. For more information, call (888) 347-7576 or visit



The AEU-5000 electric operative system connects to the air delivery system. Its features include pneumatic foot control operation, backlit display, and a 40,000-rpm electric micromotor with LED illumination. It's compatible with 1:5, 1:2, 1:1, 5:1, 8:1, and 20:1 e-type handpieces. These ratios can be enabled/disabled based on user preference (a unique benefit). There are 5 programmable presets per ratio. For more information, call (866) 244-2954 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



SOPRO LIFE is 2 products in one. It's a high-end intraoral camera with excellent image quality that functions in 3 modes: portrait, intraoral, and macro as well as a caries detection device. By depressing a single button, it switches its lighting from 4 white LEDs to 4 Blue LEDs, utilizing autoflorescence technology, allowing the end user to see variations of the tooth's dentin health state. It can be used for detection of caries for both occlusal and interproximal areas, which are often missed by traditional x-rays. SOPRO LIFE is also designed to be used during the excavation process to help the dentist ensure that all diseased tissue is removed while preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible. It is not software-dependent and is backward-compatible to all SOPRO docking stations. SOPRO LIFE is compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit and Mac OS/Apple. For more information, call (800) 289-6367.



The A-dec 300 system allows unprecedented integration of technology for its class and is well positioned to fit small spaces and conservative budgets. It offers customers a midlevel platform choice that's lower in cost than the A-dec 500 yet maintains the high performance, service, and support that distinguish A-dec products. A-dec 300 offers a complete solution, including patient chair, delivery system, light, monitor and assistant's instrumentation, and it incorporates a compact control head that supports 2 electric micromotors, integrated floor box, small base plate, and dedicated left/right support center in one of the smallest dental equipment solutions available. Everything about A-dec 300 is designed with efficiency and well being in mind, from (1) the ultrathin 1-in (25 mm) thick backrest that provides optimal access to the oral cavity to (2) the 13.75-in (34.9 cm) to 29.5-in (74.9 cm) vertical range that allows doctors of all heights to sustain posture and position arms at sides. For more information, call (800) 547-1883 or visit



The Rite•lite shade-matching light incorporates the latest LED technology to bring simulated north-sky daylight with a standardized color temperature of 5500°K into your office. This small, handheld, portable unit is simple to use and utilizes standard AA batteries. It will aid in eliminating costly and embarrassing remakes. With a LED lifespan of more than 30,000 hours and 20 hours of battery use, this unit is virtually maintenance-free. The Rite•lite comes with neutral color tabs that are placed behind the teeth to further eliminate environmental color distractions. For more information, call (203) 778-0020, visit, or send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Affordably priced and offering 2.5W of power and 3 customizable presets, the Picasso Lite soft-tissue dental laser is one of the most easy-to-use dental lasers in the world. Designed specifically to replace the use of scalpels and electrosurge in the treatment of soft tissue, it cuts and coagulates tissue with reduced trauma, bleeding, and necrosis of tissue. It can be used for soft-tissue surgery, including troughing, gingivectomies, frenectomies, exposing implants/teeth/ortho brackets, and treating aphthous ulcers and herpetic lesions. Featuring an ultracompact, lightweight, and sleek design, Picasso Lite comes complete with an easy-to-learn setup DVD, accessories, a world power adapter, and 2-year warranty. According to Alan Miller, president/CEO of AMD LASERS, the company offers Picasso and Picasso Lite lasers free of charge to universities and dental schools globally to illustrate its commitment to education and charity. For more information, call (866) 999-2635 or visit



The Waterlase MD Turbo all-tissue laser increases treatment acceptance, attracts new patients, and prevents cross-contamination. It offers a minimally invasive alternative to drills with injections for many restorative procedures—welcome news for anxious or fearful patients. With the proprietary YSGG wavelength (2,780 nm), up to 8W of power, and turbo handpiece, there is no noticeable difference in speed when cutting hard-tissue compared to conventional high-speed drills. It also provides therapy for moderate to advanced gum disease, promoting new attachment and removing calculus. It can also clean and disinfect root canals after endodontic instrumentation. A February 2009 JCDA article showed bacterial contamination rates following resterilization of used dental burs and endodontic files can range from 15% to 58%. As most Waterlase procedures utilize single-use tips, this cross-contamination potential can be eliminated. Hands-on training is included with every Waterlase purchase. For more information, call (888) 424-6527 or visit



The EndoPro270 is the most advanced powered heat source on the market. Unlike other units, the EndoPro270 reaches a maximum temperature of 270°C in less than 2 seconds and cools down to room temperature in less than 4 seconds. Utilizing an ergonomic design and the newest in cordless heating technology, the EndoPro270 delivers unprecedented precision and safety. For more information, call (800) 841-4522 or visit



The Beta Obturation device is designed for warm gutta-percha techniques, such as backfilling a canal with warm vertical obturation or with a complete fill technique (injecting from the apex up). Perfectly complementing B&L's Alpha heat source, the Beta unit provides simplicity, operator ease and comfort, and durability into this cordless injectable obturation gun. Equipped with a durable rechargeable battery and mounting easily in a charge cradle, the Beta will give more than 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Unique design features include a patented 360° swivel needle, allowing the operator to change the angle of entry to any canal. It's especially convenient for hard-to-reach maxillary cases. The handpiece is lightweight and ergonomic for operators with large or very small hands. With many doctors using multiple endodontic devices now in their practice, a reliable, cordless obturation device helps reduce clutter. For more information, call (949) 581-3636, visit the Web site, or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


3-D IMAGING SYSTEM - Carestream Dental

The CS 9300 offers 7 selectable fields of view—ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm, giving you greater flexibility and the ability to collimate the field of view to suit your patients' every diagnostic need. With image resolution up to 90 μm, the superb quality allows you to collect valuable diagnostic information for a range of clinical applications, including focused field, single jaw, dual jaw, single and double TMJ, dual jaw, sinus, and maxillofacial. The all-in-one CS 9300 is the most versatile multimodality imaging system available today. In addition to its exceptional 3-D imaging capabilities, it also offers 2-D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology that's crystal clear every time. For practitioners who've been waiting to integrate cone beam computed tomography into their practice, this is the perfect option with the most capabilities available in one space-saving, all-in-one system. For more information, call (800) 944-6365 or visit



The Canon 60D sports 18 megapixels, 3-in variangle LCD, live-action viewing, full 1080p HD video, and CMOS sensor. It has a 105-mm macro lens with imprinted dental settings for consistent images. It is small and light with an "E-TTL" dedicated ring-light. The systems are pretested and supplied with detailed dental instructions. Unlimited, toll-free telephone support is provided. For more information, call (866) 254-6749, send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit



The E4D Dentist system defines an ultramodern standard for chairside CAD/CAM systems, combining laser scanning, DentaLogic design, and precision milling to produce inlays, onlays, full crowns, and veneers. The E4D Design Center, powered by DentaLogic 2.0 software, guides the operator from scanning to milling. The graphical interface, familiar workflow, and dentist-designed tools have the ability to complete up to 16 units simultaneously. E4D's high-speed laser scanner takes a digital impression of the preparation and neighboring teeth to create a 3-dimensional image without the use of contrast agents, while Rapid Scan allows automatic capture of digital images at the operator's preferred speed. Smart Scan Technology provides powder-free laser capture of hard and soft tissue, impressions, or models, automatically providing feedback to the operator prior to each scan so detail and accuracy are optimized, less time is spent scanning, and movement is minimized. For more information, call (800) 645-6594 or visit


DIGITAL CLINICAL WORKSTATION - Denterprise International

DOT is the ultimate handheld clinical workstation you have been waiting for. This attractive, rugged, wireless medical grade tablet PC is the best fit for your operatories, requiring minimum maintenance. Unlike laptops and consumer grade tablets, DOT is spill-, shock-, and drop-proof from a height of 3 ft. It is alcohol and disinfectant resistant, which means there's no cross contamination. It offers direct connectivity to the QuickRay Direct USB sensor and the QuickCam Direct USB intraoral camera, thereby fulfilling all of your imaging needs. For more information, call (800) 323-2690.



The Dream Sensor is a boxless sensor that represents the latest in CMOS digital radiography. Having received an "excellent—good" rating in image quality from the Gordon J. Christensen CLINICIANS REPORT, the quality of the x-ray images are among the best in the profession. And at just 5.5-mm thick, this sensor is thinner than every other major sensor brand and comes with extreme rounded corners to guarantee patient comfort. In addition, the DentiMax sensor is compatible with the latest 64-bit version of Windows 7 and bridges to virtually every practice management system—making the DentiMax sensor a universal sensor. With a cost at literally a fraction of the other sensors, the DentiMax sensor is priced right. For more information, call (800) 704-8494, visit the Web site, or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



The Sapphire portable diode laser is the ideal laser for both a first-time user as well as an adjunct workhorse for the seasoned dental laser practice. Clinicians can perform multiple procedures with minimally invasive precise incisions, while eliminating bleeding at the site and accelerating healing time. Finger-touch control makes the Sapphire Plus easy to use, with an optional footpedal. It features 3W of continuous output and 5W of peak pulse output at an 808-nm wavelength, as well as convenient disposable tips. For more information, call (800) 445-0345 or visit


DIODE LASER - Discus Dental

The SL3 desktop laser has best-in-class portability, convenience, and value. It integrates many award-winning features of NV Microlaser, including disposable fiber-tips, battery operation, and wireless foot pedal activation into a desktop laser package at a truly affordable price. This diode laser is also equipped with voice confirmation, a full-color LCD touchscreen, and comes with 18 preset procedures for both general dentists and orthodontists. Now you don't have to sacrifice quality and features to save money. SL3 gives you advanced convenience features at an entry-level price. It now comes with a new and improved unifiber system that is stronger and more durable than ever before. For more information, call (800) 217-8822 or visit



The MIDWEST STYLUS ATC handpiece features Speed-Sensing Intelligence and Superior Turbine Suspension, technologies that solve 2 longstanding challenges facing dentists: load-based variations in speed that can cause stalling and bur deflection and chattering that occurs at high speeds and can affect accuracy and precision. Speed-Sensing Intelligence automatically optimizes the delivery of power, under load, to provide smooth, consistent cutting speeds for unmatched efficiency and fastest removal of material. It maintains the speed regardless of the load. Its Superior Turbine Suspension allows the handpiece to operate at high speeds, under load, with no noticeable bur deflection or chattering. This provides outstanding control. No handpiece on the market addresses these challenges so effectively. The result is a cutting experience that is smoother and more effortless, efficient, and powerful than any other handpiece being offered today. For more information, call (800) 989-8825 or visit


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