July 2015

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Uncontrolled Dental Caries in a Young Adult: A Therapeutic Perspective and Case Report
Cheryl E. Fryer, DDS, MS, MA; Ronald S. Brown, DDS, MS; and Sandra D. Osborne, RDH, MS; present a case of uncontrolled dental caries in a 24-year-old adult and discuss
diagnosis, etiology, and management of the high-risk caries patient. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

An Oral Bisphosphonate Dilemma
Joseph Whitehouse, MS, DDS, outlines how he managed a patient who had been on long-term oral bisphosphonate therapy.

Optimal Shaping of Root Canal Systems: Demonstrating the Use of Controlled Memory Ni-Ti Files
Richard Mounce, DDS, presents a case report demonstrating the use of controlled-memory Ni-Ti files.

Bulimia: Complex Etiology, Challenging Treatment
Richard Winter, DDS, presents 2 cases that demonstrate some of the challenges in treating dental patients with bulimia.

Nanoceramic CAD/CAM Restorations
Ian E. Shuman, DDS, and Adam Ben Zev share a case report introducing one of the latest biocompatible resin nanoceramics for CAD/CAM fabrication.

A Restorative Challenge: Tetracycline-Stained Teeth
Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS, uses porcelain veneers to deal with the challenges involved in treating a patient with tetracycline staining.

Ensuring Restorative Success With Bruxism Testing
Louis Malcmacher, DDS, outlines cases that demonstrate how restorative, bruxism, and orofacial pain treatments have now entered a new era.

Lasers in Implant Dentistry, Part 1
Glenn A. van As, BSc, DMD, discusses an exciting new way to treat peri-implantitis.

Immediate Implant Prosthesis Via Guided Bone Reduction

Swati Ahuja, BDS, MDS; Nicholas Egbert, DDS, MDS; Russell Wicks, DMD, MS; and Robert Brandt, DDS, MS; describe a novel technique to integrate 2 guides that permit
bone reduction, immediate placement, and immediate loading.

Intraoral Repair of Multiple Substrates Using Silication

Patrick Roetzer, DDS; Shika Gupta, BDS, DDS; Troy Schmedding, DDS; Steven Sadowsky, DDS; and Parag Kachalia, DDS; present case reports to demonstrate a reliable and simple repair procedure for different restorations using silication.

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