January 2016

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Evolution of Comprehensive Care, Part 6: Aesthetics, Veneers, and Whitening

Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, and David F. Ouellet, DDS, in part 6 of a 6-part article series, conclude the discussion on how clinicians are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients better than ever before.

Delight Your Patients With a 45-Minute Smile Rehab

Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, highlights the use of a modern flowable composite for simplifying incisal edge restoration allowing ultraconservative rapid-fire smile rehabs.

Single-File Shaping Technique: Achieving a Gold Medal Result

Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, outlines the critical distinctions between shaping canals using continuous rotation versus a reciprocation technique.

Guided Gingival Growth: Improving Aesthetics During Second-Stage Surgery

Michael Sonick, DMD, and Debby Hwang, DMD, describe a new approach to augment soft tissue at the time of second-stage surgery without secondary gingival grafting.

Technology to Control Excessive Occlusal Contact Force: Enhancing Implant Restoration Longevity
Christopher J. Stevens, DDS, centers a discussion on principles of occlusion and aesthetics as related to implant dentistry.

Achieving Anterior Aesthetics in a Full-Arch Implant Case
Dino Javaheri, DDS, presents a large full-arch case that emphasizes the importance of a smile design analysis for aesthetic success.

Digital Design: Predictability, Profitability, and Efficiency

Joyce L. Bassett, DDS, and Matthew Roberts, CDT, explore state-of-the-art, real-time digital design and link 3-D prosthetic planning with fundamental principles.

Why GPs Should Pursue Orthodontic Training

Jaimée Morgan, DDS, and Stan Presley, DDS, share mini case examples supporting their belief that GPs should participate in post-graduate orthodontic training.

Composite Versus Ceramics, Part 1: Young Patients and Fractures

David J. Clark, DDS, in the first of a 3-part article series, will describe the new role and applications for direct composite restorations in conservative aesthetic dentistry.

The Relationship Between Periodontics and Cardiovascular Disease

Alison Glascoe, DDS, MS; Ronald Brown, DDS, MS; and Motshabi Makhene, DDS; discuss the relationship between oral health and systemic health, specifically the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

Innovations in Patient Relationships and Communication: “Changing the Story, One Patient at a Time”

Focus On: Implants

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