January 2012

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Aesthetic Denture Rehabilitation
David Little, DDS, and Troy P. Apparicio, CDT, demonstrate the teamwork required to "provide their patient with a highly aesthetic and functional implant-­supported prosthesis."

Canal Preparation: Single-File Shaping Technique
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, outlines a single-file technique for safely and efficiently preparing virtually any canal regardless of length, diameter, and curvature.

Bioceramics, Part 1: The Clinician's Viewpoint
Kenneth A. Koch, DMD, and Dennis G. Brave, DDS, review the key physical properties of bioceramics and share various clinicians' opinions on the material and technique.

"The Simplified Concept": Predictable Posterior Composites
Jason Smithson, BDS (Lond), presents a case report which illustrates his technique and material choices designed to simplify the placement of posterior direct composite restorations.

Conservative Contact Repairs for Patients
Joseph Whitehouse, MS, DDS, talks about the benefits of modern materials used to create or repair predictable interproximal contacts.

Achieving Natural Aesthetics in Class IV Restorations
Frank J. Milnar, DDS, presents a case report illustrating the use of newer composite materials to achieve lifelike aesthetics when replacing existing Class IV restorations using only 2 shades.

Conquering a Difficult Case
Peter Auster, DMD, discusses a treatment planning protocol for approaching patient cases presenting with complex restorative issues.


An Alternative Approach to Cosmetic Space Closure
Tom Bereznicki, BDS (Edin), and Lola Welch, talk about an alternative approach to cosmetic space closure in adolescent maxillary anterior teeth with an indirect composite bonding technique.

A Better Quality of Life With Implant-Retained Overdentures

Paresh B. Patel, DDS; Steve Brown, DDS; and Ara Nazarian, DDS, present a case report describing the application of small-diameter implants.

Impact of Social Media on Dental Practices

Comparing Storage Media for Avulsed Teeth

Aspirin's Role in Fighting Cancer

Postoperative Analgesia for Third Molar Surgery

Protective Effect of Trimetaphosphate in Oral Rinse

Healthcare-Associated Infections Declined in 2010

Jaw Size Linked to Diet

DNA Vaccines Promising for Dental Caries

Tissue Graft Prevents Gum Recession After Tooth Implant

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