May 2014

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Dental Trends: Knowing These Can Optimize Your Practice!
George Freedman, DDS, BSc, discusses significant trends within the profession in order to optimize the clinician’s material, technological, and educational expenditures for enhanced patient treatment and a healthy bottom line.

Importance of Lip Type Classification: Maxillary Central Incisor Length Determination Versus Lip Phenotype
Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS, discusses lip type classifications and the ramifications in achieving a successful aesthetic outcome.

The Modern Aesthetic Mixed Restorative Case

Todd C. Snyder, DDS, presents an aesthetic restorative case, emphasizing the importance of excellence in provisionalization to a successful outcome.

Minimally Invasive Treatment of Brown Spot Fluorosis

Leonard Tau, DMD, and Rod Kurthy, DMD, share the story of a young boy’s life that was deeply affected by unsightly teeth.

Applying Foundational Principles to Digital Technologies: Ensuring Success in Aesthetic Dentistry
Galip Gürel, DDS, presents foundational principles for ensuring clinical and patient success in aesthetic dentistry.

An Effective External Bleaching Technique: Treating Teeth Discolored From Trauma
Laura Molinar Franco, DDS, et al outline an effective bleaching technique for teeth that become discolored as a result of trauma.

Dental Digital Photography Update: A Report From the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, shares a short update on the latest developments in dental photography.

Dentist to Physician Patient Advocacy for Health’s Sake

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