Practice Management

Tanya Stein
We love mobile technology. For many of us, that includes booking our travel through an app or viewing a mobile-optimized dinner menu on our phone. Why? Because the mobile experience makes our lives easier, and we can do just about anything related to e-commerce, service, and information with less hassle and less time. This illustrates why the mobile trend has become one of the most adopted technologies in our society today.

Not all mobile technology is the same. With many software communication companies like Televox, Officite, Dental Anywhere, and Sesame Communications pushing their own mobile platform, it can be challenging to distinguish one product from another. Although they are all mobile, it’s the technology behind these products that truly dictates their limitations and potentials.

In this article, we will examine 3 types of mobile technology: native apps, Web apps/mobile Web sites, and responsive design. Loving and using mobile technology is one thing, but knowing how to harness it and apply it for our own professional gain is another. So put your “techie” hats on—it’s with this information that making that commitment to a mobile presence will not only be easier, but will enable you to forecast how the product will be beneficial.

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