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Grow Your Practice in a Slow Economy

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Sandy Pardue

Despite the economy, some practices are expanding. They are working differently, adopting new protocols, improving customer services, and changing their focus. These practices have located their barriers and are more aware of missed opportunities.

The high performance practices are focusing more on reactivation and retaining existing patients. The average practice has approximately 1,000 people due for recare. The value of each patient to the practice is $1,000 annually. If you can reactivate as few as 10%, this would bring in an additional $100,000 in production.

I’ve listed steps to walk you through a successful reactivation project to help you reactivate lost patients and regain momentum in your practice.

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10 Tips to Control Broken Appointments

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Sandy Pardue

The majority of broken appointments occur due to the lack of control by the practice. I’m referring to the lack of firm financial policies, patient education and adding value to the visit. For example, if the hygienist is spending 80% of her time with the patient talking about her wedding, and 20% of the time talking about dentistry, the patient will see little value in their visit. Those percentages should be the other way around. The majority of the time should be about dentistry and what is occurring in the patient’s mouth.

The following tips will help you have better control over broken appointments.


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