How To Provide Patients With The Optimum In Smile Enhancement, Part 2

Harvey Silverman, DMD

In the last edition of Silverman On Smiles: Cosmetic Dentistry SOS I shared a valuable technique to co-diagnose and expand your elective cosmetic dentistry practice. Let’s look at another clinical case and see how you might combine your cosmetic dentistry internal marketing and management skills that you are fine-tuning to provide this patient with her dream smile.

Case Study

In the last article, my patient was treated with noninvasive veneers back in 1987. Now let’s fast forward to 2010. This will be an easy case for you to diagnose. The patient, below, presented with an old discolored composite on her maxillary left central incisor. What simple procedure would you recommend to enhance her smile? Here’s a close-up photo of her teeth.


What elective cosmetic dentistry needs to be done

 So, what treatment does she need to have done? If you were doing a cosmetic consult with her would you suggest tooth bonding, a veneer or would you even recommend having a crown placed on her left central incisor?

The New Direction In Cosmetic Dentistry, Part 1

Harvey Silverman, DMD

In the last edition of Silverman On Smiles I addressed how to co-diagnose patients’ elective cosmetic dental needs. In the next 2 articles I am going to share a valuable technique that will teach you how to enhance that process.

Start With A Desire To Provide Non-Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry

I have been privileged to train/coach cosmetic dentists from Miami to Minneapolis and New York to Los Angeles for more than 20 years, helping dentists learn how to be the best cosmetic dentist possible. The lesson I can share with you is that dentists anywhere can incorporate these cosmetic practice-building techniques into their daily routine if they truly have an “eager desire.” What’s your level of interest when it comes to providing the best in elective cosmetic dentistry services to your patients? If it is high, you will like this article. If it needs to be reignited, I hope that this can flame your interest in providing non-invasive elective cosmetic dental services.

A New Approach For Co-Diagnosing Elective Cosmetic Dentistry Needs/Wants

Harvey Silverman, DMD

In the last edition of Silverman On Smiles: Cosmetic Dentistry SOS,I said that I would share with you a simple form that helps you determine what your patients want to change about their smile. While that sounds simple enough, if a “form” could do all of that, more dentists would provide elective cosmetic dentistry than they already do. Taking your cosmetic dentistry practice to the next level requires more than just a form. Let me share with you the approach I teach other dentists during my one day and 2 day regional and on-site Cosmetic Dentistry Boot Camp Programs. See if this approach fits your style as well.

Do Patient Education Material Drive Consumer Awareness?

Before I tell you about the form, let’s consider how effective patient education materials are in stimulating interest in smile enhancement services. Will they motivate your patient to ask if he or she is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry? To a limited degree, yes, they will. However, in the offices I coach on cosmetic dentistry, we found that relying too heavily on patient education materials isn’t the answer.

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