Take Your Cosmetic Practice To The Next Level

Harvey Silverman, DMD

Would you like to expand your elective cosmetic dentistry practice? If your answer is “YES!” then you will enjoy reading this series, Silverman On Smiles: Cosmetic Dentistry SOS. In each article I will share time-tested management, marketing or technical simplification tips taught to other dentists during on-site cosmetic dentistry consultations. The goal of this series is to provide protocols that will have a positive impact on your practice and the patients you serve, therefore, each tip has been designed to be easy for you to incorporate into your private practice.

You might be wondering, “Why is there a need to develop a separate cosmetic management or marketing system? What’s not just keep doing what I have always been doing?” For the general dentist the reason is apparent. Elective cosmetic dentistry is want driven and general dentistry is need driven. Therefore there are distinct differences that allow you to be more effective when you are addressing elective issues than health oriented ones.

In many of the articles, I will share simplified technical skills that will provide long-lasting, beautiful, natural-looking results. However, since procedural skills are not the primary focus of these articles, I will not always provide step-by-step protocols. This series is being written for the dentist who already takes great pride in his/her aesthetic work and wants to find a professional way to inform, power educate and motivate patients about their cosmetic services.

Ten Steps for an Efficient, Stress-Free Recall Exam

Michael D. Goldstein, DDS, FAGD

It’s impossible to pick up a journal or attend a dental seminar without being exposed to a host of ideas about how to “predictably” improve your efficiency and increase your income. Upgrading to the latest laser technology, learning efficient endo or implant techniques, and becoming a recognized cosmetic dentistry expert are just a few of the techniques often discussed. One seldom-mentioned subject is the periodic oral evaluation (0120), often called the recall or recare exam.

Think about it. If a dentist works 200 days per year with one dental hygienist who averages caring for eight recall patients per day, that dentist will perform 1,600 recall examinations per year. With two dental hygienists, that works out to 3,200… you get the idea. If it were possible to trim just four-minutes from each examination, a dentist working with one dental hygienist could potentially save 106.66 hours per year, or the equivalent of 13.33 eight-hour workdays. Since an average dentist’s time at chairside is worth $300 + per hour, I calculate a potential savings of at least $32,000 per year. Of course, if a dentist has more than one dental hygienist working with him or her, the savings would be greater. All that extra income for just making a few strategic changes to the way the recall examination is conducted. And as an extra bonus, the recall examination will be stress-free.

What Makes a Good Leader?

Sandy Pardue

Many times dentists express interest in becoming a better leader. I always tell them that becoming a good leader is a process, one that never ends. You don’t have to be born with leadership skills, you can develop them. There are some clear characteristics found in good leaders.

Attributes of a Good Leader:

1) A good leader is ethical, they set a good example, they are trustworthy and believe in truth and doing the right things. They keep their word.

2) Good leaders are visionaries. They understand the importance of creating a vision and they know how to inspire everyone in the group to get on board. They bring the organization to another level.

3) Good leaders are also good listeners and are open to feedback. In fact, they encourage others to communicate their viewpoints. They know that it is important to include others and listen to fresh ideas. It is not only good for the organization, it helps build people that will help the leader improve conditions now and in the future.

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