The Topic No Dentist Wants To Talk About: Embezzlement

Mindy Salzman

When talking to groups of dentists about embezzlement, I have noted their first instinct is to deny that it has ever happened to them. Current statistics, however, show that at least 60% of all dentists have already been the victim of embezzlement at least once. In a group of seminars I conducted in Australia and New Zealand, one dentist admitted to being a victim 3 times.

There are published lists of red flags, seminars offered, numerous articles in magazines, and books written on the topic, but the number of incidents keeps climbing. Of 10,000-plus dentists invited to a recent webinar on the topic, only 38 actually attended. Why the denial or lack of interest? Perhaps it is an embarrassment. It shows that you have not been minding the store. Maybe you are not aware it has occurred. In most cases, embezzlement is brushed under the rug and you move on to the next office manager who comes along.

Practice Transitions, Part 2: Distressed Sales

Maryam Beyramian, DDS

In the first part of this 4 part series, we discussed the basics of all practice transitions, the numbers and our emotional need. In this article, we will look at an outside-of-the-norm type of sale, the distressed sale.

Distressed Sales

Distressed sales of dental practices can occur for a variety of reasons. The owner dentist may have a disability, or even death; or they might be going through a personal transition, such as a divorce, and may need to sell the practice quickly. It also may be possible that the owner dentist may be in financial difficulties due to the lack of control of overhead. Whatever the reasons for a distressed sale, the sale needs to happen quickly.

Are you Happy With Your Dental Web Site Results?

Mike Pedersen

Studies have been published that up to 50% of all dentists across the country do not even have a Web site. If you are in this demographic, this article won’t be relevant to you, but you can definitely get some takeaways from it, when you get your Web site done. For those of you who do have a Web site for your dental practice, I ask you one simple question. Are you getting the results you had hoped for when you launched your Web site?

This is a question either you or your marketing person should be asking on a monthly basis. The reason being is you invested money into the design of your Web site and, as a responsible business owner, you need to see a return on investment from it. Unfortunately, a big majority of the dentists I speak to have no idea if their Web site is getting them new patients, or even phone calls to their practice. This is the “kiss of death” to your dental practice online.

When evaluating the performance of your dental Web site, have these goals in mind.

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