April 2014

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Endodontics: A Key Opinion Leader Colloquy
L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS; Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD; and Diwakar Kinra, DDS, MS; discuss hot topics and the future of endodontics.

Tunnel Preps: Tooth Strength Preservation
Joseph Whitehouse, DDS, advocates the use of the tunnel prep technique to preserve tooth structure and strength.

Impression Techniques: Clinical Properties That Matter
Ross W. Nash, DDS, discusses various characteristics that are important to consider with impression materials.

Improving the Local Anesthesia Experience for Our Patients
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, discusses ways to make the delivery of local anesthesia more effective and comfortable.­

Short Implants: A Viable Alternative to Sinus Augmentation
Charles D. Schlesinger, DDS, talks about the use of short implants for cases in which previously a traditional sinus augmentation would have been indicated.

Biologic Restorative Systems for Predictability
Robert A. Lowe, DDS, uses CAD/CAM hybrid gold restorations in a perio-related restorative case.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

March 2014

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Predictable Tooth Replacement in the Aesthetic Zone
Joyce L. Bassett, DDS, presents a case report centering on key principles that will help the clinician achieve the very best outcomes.

Anterior Tooth Challenges, Part 4: Canines in the Lateral Position
Elliot Mechanic, DDS, BSc, outlines the consequences and solution to a poor choice in replacing congenitally missing lateral incisors.

Nonconventional Rehabilitation for Anterior Single Tooth Loss: Clinical Follow-Up at 12 Years
Flávio Domingues das Neves, DDS, MSc, PhD, et al show the results of a nonconventional rehabilitation for a single missing tooth, with a look at the 12-year clinical follow-up.

A Simple Technique for Broken Abutment Screw Repair
Carlos Boudet, DDS, demonstrates a simple repair technique to a broken abutment screw.

Using Digital Impressions and CAD/CAM in Implant Dentistry
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, and Douglas F. Dompkowski, DDS, present a case report and talk about the growth of digital impressions and CAD/CAM in the arena of dental implants.

Optimize Finishing and Polishing of Posterior Composites
Jeff T. Blank, DMD, outlines techniques for efficient direct composite placement, finishing, and polishing.

Electronic Health Records: Who’s Running the Asylum?

January 2014

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Mesh Exposure Repair
Carlos Boudet, DDS
, presents a case report involving a ridge augmentation procedure that resulted in complications, sharing how the dilemma was resolved.

Nearly Universal Materials: Materials and Techniques Designed to Simplify Clinical Choices

Jack D. Griffin Jr, DMD, outlines how the use of a carefully planned clinical protocol leads to consistent results.

Cosmetic Gingivectomy Using Radiosurgery

Jeffrey A. Sherman, DDS, demonstrates the use of an advanced generation of radiosurgical instruments.

The Stress Axis/DNA Protocols in Denture Fabrication, Part 1
J. Patrick Ford, DDS
, introduces a novel denture fabrication protocol.

Implants Versus Endodontics: "As the Pendulum Swings"

February 2014

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Get Your Hygiene Patients “Off the Fence”!
Jeffrey M. Rosenberg, DDS; Joann Papanier, RDH, LLA; and Beverly B. Abdullah, RDH, LLA; discuss the use of an intraoral fluorescing camera for early detection and recognition of caries, dental plaque, and gingival inflammation.

A Legacy of Leading and Serving the Profession

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD, and Rella P. Christensen, RDH, PhD, talk about the history, mission, and future directions of the CR Foundation.

Immediate Mini Implant Placement Following Extractions

Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS, discusses immediate placement of small-diameter implants, along with bone grafting and membrane placement, following extraction of mandibular anterior teeth.

Meaningful Mini-Makeovers in the New Economy

Marvin A. Fier, DDS, demonstrates how improving only one or 2 teeth in a smile can make a world of difference for the esthetics and emotions of a patient.

The Power of Preparation: Achieving Ideal Esthetic Results
Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, emphasizes the need for proper planning for highly esthetic outcomes.

A Technique for Optimal Core Buildups
Jeremy Montrose, DDS, and William Bartosiak share how they used silicone guides to create ideal form in core build-ups for full-coverage restorations.

The Stress Axis/DNA Protocols in Denture Fabrication, Part 2: Case Examples
J. Patrick Ford, DDS, presents clinical cases that demonstrate the use of the Stress Axis/DNA denture fabrication technique.

How to Replace Lost Production and Profit

December 2013

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Optimizing Core Buildups and Post and Core Restorations: Improving Clinical Techniques With New Resin Materials
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, presents a case report article on how to optimize post and core placements with new composite resin materials.

Composite Resins 2.0: Entering a New Age of Posterior Composites
Parag R. Kachalia, DDS, discusses a modern approach to predictable, profitable, and efficient posterior composites.

Aesthetic Zone Challenges: Severe Anterior Wear, Part 3: Restoratively Driven Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

Elliot Mechanic, DDS, BSc, illustrates how the emergence of aesthetic dentistry has changed the standard of care and redirected specialties to a doctrine of facially generated treatment planning coordinated by the restorative quarterback.

Craniofacial Enhancement Using a Biomimetic Oral Appliance

G. Dave Singh, DDSc, PhD, BDS, and Samuel E. Cress, DDS, introduce a biomimetic oral appliance that produces craniofacial enhancement without using any invasive

The Truth About Depth of Cure

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