November 2013

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The Easy Way Versus the Hard Way: Planning the Open Palate Maxillary Small-Diameter Implant-Retained Denture
Martin B. Goldstein, DMD, presents a case report involving an SDI-retained maxillary denture, featuring use of laboratory analogs and chrome underframe to allow for an open palate.

Treatment Planning in a Challenged Economy
Steve L. Rasner, DMD
, discusses treatment planning in an economy that is challenging for patients.

Class II Composite Placement Is Difficult! Solutions to Help Overcome the Clinical Challenges
Jason H. Goodchild, DMD
, focuses on a process solution for consistently restoring direct composite Class II restorations to help the dentist achieve positive outcomes.

The LANAP Protocol: The Legend Continues
David Mangot, DMD
, presents cases supporting the clinical benefits of using LANAP regeneration techniques.

Total Dental Aesthetics
Louis Malcmacher, DDS
, talks about the need to choose and integrate a variety of modern dental materials for optimal dental and facial aesthetic outcomes.

Orthodontic Solutions for the Hygiene Patient
Trish Jones, RDH, BS, reviews different current orthodontic solutions that can be discussed by the hygienist to improve occlusion and overall health.

Peri-Implant Diseases and Collaborative Treatment

October 2013

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Preventing Carious Lesions: Clinical Steps for Applying a Newly Introduced Hydrophilic Sealant
Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD, discusses the use of a highly filled and radiopaque sealant system.

Efficient and Economical Composite Resin Placement: A “Fast-Track” Technique for Posterior Restorations

Jürgen Manhart, DDS, PhD, discusses modern direct composite resin materials that allow the clinician to use a “fast-track” technique for placement.

Clinical Perspectives on Materials and Techniques
Jeff T. Blank, DMD, discusses and demonstrates a few recently introduced materials and techniques that have helped him deliver optimal care.

Innovative and Affordable Options for Smile Enhancement

Ross W. Nash, DDS, presents a series of mini cases demonstrating different uses of an affordable technique used for aesthetic provisionals, and more.

Stable Restorations in a Less-Than-Stable Economy!
Simona Cuevas, DDS, presents a direct composite restorative case, providing a step-by-step clinical protocol.

Dentists and Teachers Sink Teeth Into Oral Health Education

August 2013

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Direct Custom Implant Impression Copings: A Method for Accurate Impression of Highly Shaped Peri-Implant Gingiva
Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, outlines the direct custom impression coping technique used to provide an accurate and efficient impression of the desired gingival position.

Aesthetic Zone Challenges: Restoring the Dark Tooth, Part 2: Using Elective Orthodontic Extrusion to Modify Gingival and Bone Levels
Elliot Mechanic, DDS, BSc, shows how he solved challenges in the aesthetic zone involving darkened teeth.

Conquering a Difficult Case, Part 2: Lithium Disilicate as a Restorative Solution for Amelogenesis Imperfecta
Peter Auster, DMD, uses lithium disilicate to effectively handle a challenging case involving amelogenesis imperfecta.

Management of a Maxillary Second Molar
Gurudutt Nayak, BDS, MDS, and Inderpreet Singh, BDS, talk about an infrequent location of the MB2 canal orifice in the maxillary second molar.

One-Step In-Office Immediate Dentures
Lawrence N. Wallace, DDS, presents an in-office clinical technique for same-day immediate dentures.

Magnification Alternatives: Seeing is Believing, Part 2

Glenn A. van As, BSc, DMD, explores current alternatives for improving operative visualization.

Why Don’t General Dentists Place More Implants?

September 2013

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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to the Profession
John M. Powers, PhD; Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS; and John W. Farah, DDS, PhD; talk about the history, mission, and future direction of THE DENTAL ADVISOR in marking the 30th anniversary of the organization.

Six Ways to Improve a Patient’s Health and Your Profits: How to Enhance Your Practice’s Financial Health
Debra I. Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, discusses ways to improve periodontal health while increasing practice profits.

Endodontic Predictability: “What Matters?”

John West, DDS, MSD, suggests ways to do better and more predictable endodontics.

Sealing Endodontic Access Cavities
Stephen Abrams, DDS, shares a mini case report demonstrating the use of a light-cured polymer for sealing access openings.

Use of High Translucency Zirconia in the Aesthetic Zone

Robert G. Ritter, DMD, presents a case report that outlines the use of a newly introduced and more translucent zirconia restoration.

Role for CAD/CAM in Forensics?
Les Kalman, BSc (hon), DDS, talks about a possible role for the use of CAD/CAM technology in forensic dentistry.

Are You “Into” Your Patients?

July 2013

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Maxillary Small-Diameter Implant-Retained Overdentures
Paresh B. Patel, DDS, demonstrates the use of small-diameter implants in the resorbed edentulous maxillary arch.

Improving the Way to Detect Cracks in Teeth

Stephen Abrams, DDS, presents a case report, discussing new technology used for caries and crack detection.

Implant Wisdom: An Endodontist’s Approach
Jack S. Roth, DDS, presents a logical approach to abutment diagnosis and prognosis prior to implant placement.

Direct Composite Resin Restorations for Today’s Practice
Ross W. Nash, DDS, outlines a predictable technique for the placement of anterior and posterior composite resin restorations.

A New Perspective on Minimally Invasive Veneer Techniques
Peter Harnois, DDS, presents a case report demonstrating an innovative material for minimally invasive veneers.

Discovering the Artist Inside: A Three-Step Approach to Predictable Aesthetic Smile Designs, Part 2
Galip Gürel, DDS, presents foundational principles for ensuring clinical and patient success in aesthetic dentistry.

Management of Occlusion Over Implants, Part 2: Three 10-Year Case Follow-Ups and Evaluations

Rodrigo Escalante Vasquez, DDS, concludes his 2-part article on long-term results for porcelain-fused-to-hybrid-gold restorations.

The Reintroduction of an Effective Cavity Liner
Randy S. Weiner, DMD, talks about the reintroduction of hydroxyline for use as a cavity liner.

An Overview of Evidence-Based Dentistry Research

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