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3M ESPE – Scotchbond Universal Adhesive

Beth Eskra, Marketing Manager of Adhesives at 3M ESPE, describes Scotchbond Universal Adhesive, which offers consistent bond strength and virtually no postoperative sensitivity.

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Ultradent Products – VALO Cordless Light

Suzanne Wilson, Ultradent Products' Marketing Brand Manager for Curing Lights, showcases the VALO Cordless light, part of an award-winning line of products that allows clinicians more ease and mobility in their practice.

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Premier Dental Group – Enamel Pro Varnish

Sunny Radbakht showcases Premier's Enamel Pro Varnish, the only varnish formulated to deliver Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, which delivers more fluoride to patients.

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CAO Group – Sheer White and Precise LTM

Robert Nordquist, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CAO Group, demonstrates the company's newest breakout products, Sheer White and Precise LTM. Sheer White eliminates the need for custom trays and results in less patient sensitivity, while Precise LTM, a soft-tissue handpiece, is a new device that is easy to use for clinicians.

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Custom Earpiece – Black Diamond CE240 2-Way Radio, Sentinel LE and Concierge Coiled Tube Earpiece

Jeremy Johns, Sales Associate at Custom Earpiece, explains the benefits of the Black Diamond CE240 2-Way Radio, and coiled tube earpieces, including providing a solution for in-office communication.

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Brasseler USA – ET 3000 Oscillating Composite Instrument

Kelly Flick, Product Manager for Preventative Care of Brasseler USA, showcases the ET 3000 Oscillating Composite Instrument, a lightweight and ergonomic device that increases the flow of composite resins up to 30%, using its oscillating motion.

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Dr. Damon Adams

Dentistry Today's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Damon Adams welcomes everyone to the American Dental Association Session.

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Dentistry Today's Blog Coverage from ADA in Las Vegas, NV

Ali Cook reporting from the ADA in Las Vegas, NV.

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American Dental Association Session

Dentistry Today will be blogging from the ADA meeting in Las Vegas, which will be held October 10 to October 12. The blog will provide manufacturers and exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their products and demonstrate what distinguishes them compared to other products. The blog will also give the manufacturers a chance to get exposure for some of their new products that will be unveiled in Las Vegas. Dentistry Today has blogged many of the major dental meetings, enabling viewers of the blog to feel as if they were on the exhibit floor.

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