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PhysioLock 3D Immediate Stabilization Thread provides predominant implant load-bearing areas for success and increases total surface areas for immediate bone-to-implant interface for the same osteotomy compared to conventional implants. Lock-in antirotation thread design uses the viscoelastic properties of bone with 3-D osteotomies congruent to implant IST profile. MicroGroove abutment provides an immediate abutment-to-bone implant interface. The new, high-performance thermoplastic cassette is color-coded for user-friendly surgical sequencing for each implant length and diameter. For more information, call (800) 526-9343 or visit

Parameters of Product: Implant Systems buyers Guide
Featured connectors Internal, morse taper
Style Threaded
Finish Textured, acid-etched
Diameter Narrow, standard, wide
Fixed or removable replacement Both
Removable fixtures available N/A
Type(s) of prosthesis retention Fixed, screw-retained, cement-retained
Impression post supplied? Yes
Type(s) of impression copings Direct (open tray), indirect (closed tray)
Types of abutments Prepable, conical, angled, straight
Fixed abutments N/A

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