ACE Dental Software

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ACE Dental Software

ACE Dental Software is a fully featured dental practice management software program. During the last year, ACE has added several unique features. There are eRe­minders that are totally integrated with the appointment book in the ACE program. These use e-mails, text messages, and automated voice calls to remind patients of appointments, collect their confirmations, and place color-coded checkmarks in the appointment book. There’s also eRecall, which sends weekly e-mails and text messages to patients who are due or overdue for hygiene appointments. For more information, call (888) 667-4272 or visit

Parameters of Product: Practice Management Software Buyers Guide
Number of installations 2,500
First dental installation (year) 1993
Operating systems Any Windows operating system
Lease-buy program? Yes
Dedicated server or peer-to-peer networked Both
Number of workstations 22
Back-up method(s) Any backup will work
Small or large provider offices All practices
Toll-free support number provided? Yes
Period of support provided 12 months

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