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Filtek Supreme Plus Universal Restorative offers the only true, clinically proven nanofiller technology in the profession. It utilizes a patented process that creates unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles to provide a profession-leading combination of strength and aesthetics. Therefore, it delivers the polish and polish retention of a microfill while maintaining the strength and wear properties of a modern hybrid. Proven effective for all anterior and posterior restorations, a recent 5-year clinical study found wear equivalent to enamel. For more information, call (800) 634-2249 or visit www.3mespe.com/filtek.

Parameters of Product: Nanohybrid Composites Buyers Guide
Filler percentage Dentin, Enamel and Body shades 78.5% (by wt) Translucent shades 72.5% (by wt)
Particle size Non-agglomerated/non-aggregated 20nm silica filler. Non-agglomerated/non-aggregated 4 to11 nm zirconia filler. Aggregated zirconia/silica cluster filler (comprised of 20 nm silica and 4 to 11 nm zirconia particles) The Dentin, Enamel and Body shades hav
Type of shades available 4 opacities (Dentin, Enamel, Body, and Translucent) Majority of the shades based on VITAPAN classical shade system
Bond strength Dependent on adhesive
Hardness NA
Percentage of shrinkage Bonded disc method Dentin, Enamel and Body shades 1.9% Translucent shades 2.5%
Method used for dispensing Unit dose capsule and syringe
Light-cure or Dual-cure Light-cure
Curing time 20 or 40 Seconds

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