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Synergy D6 is a unique and innovative nanohybrid composite that will save dentists time and money by simplifying the shade-matching process. It produces restorations that look natural using self-blending duo shades that combine 2 Vita Classic shades into one. The Synergy D6 system covers a spectrum of shades with only 6 dentin and 2 enamel shades. With its nonsticky, nonslumping consistency, balanced fluorescent properties, and excellent polishability, it’s an ideal choice for simplified aesthetics. For more information, call (800) 221-3046.

Parameters of Product: Nanohybrid Composites Buyers Guide
Filler percentage 80% (by weight)
Particle size 20 nm (smallest)
Type of shades available Dentin -White Bleach; Dentin Duo Shades - A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/D3, A3.5/B3, C2/C3; Enamel Universal, Enamel White Opalescent
Bond strength N/A
Hardness Vickers Hardness 73 kg/mm²; Compressive Strength 392MPa
Percentage of shrinkage 2.1% Volumetric shrinkage
Method used for dispensing Syringes or Tips
Light-cure or Dual-cure Light-cure
Curing time varies depending upon the curing initiator

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