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AXIS Dental

NTI Diamonds are Unimatrix-bonded. The Unimatrix bonding technique promotes superior retention of diamond particles on the tips and edges and minimizes clogging, resulting in a cooler-cutting and longer-lasting diamond instrument. NTI Diamonds have highly polished stainless steel shanks that will not corrode during sterilization. In addition to the full line of NTI friction grip and handpiece shapes, AXIS also offers a large selection of specialty diamonds, such as the Zir-Cut diamond. For more information, call (800) 355-5063.

Parameters of Product: Diamond Burs Buyers Guide
Disposable or resuable/ sterilizable Reusable/sterilizable
Packaging Bulk, 5-pack
ISO 9001 certification? Yes
Diamond type Friction grip: standard length, short shank, surgical length; Slow-speed straight: standard length
Available grits Turbo supercoarse, supercoarse, coarse, medium, fine, extrafine, ultrafine
Composite finishing?; If yes, grit size? Yes, fine, extrafine, ultrafine
Type of shank bonding Single-layer
Crown and bridge and/or operative? Crown and bridge, operative
How sold to dentist? Dealer

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