Lester A. Dine

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Lester A. Dine

The Dine Digital Solution is a small and simple handheld 14-megapixel camera designed to accomplish the full range of dental photography with ease. It requires no additional attachments (reflectors/add-on lenses) to function intraorally. In addition, it is easy to pick up and use, shock-resistant, and waterproof, meaning liquid sterilization can be used to clean it. For more information, visit dinecorp.com.

Parameters of Product: Digital Cameras Buyers Guide
Megapixels 10-18 mp
Ring lighting system Dine’s Mini Ring and Point Flash
Macrolens available Yes
Connection to computer usb,card reader, wireless memory card
Memory type SD or wireless SD
Other features Point Flash for Portrait Photography, Dine’s Dental Standardization Guide for the lens

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