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Royal Dental

The new Royal Alliant chair is one example of a large variety of chairs manufactured by Royal Dental. A complete line of specialty chairs for the orthodontist, pedodontist, and oral surgeon are also available. All chairs are ergonomically designed for maximum patient and operator comfort, and all carry 5-year warranties. For more information, call (800) 275-0988.

Parameters of Product: Chairs Buyers Guide
Flexible options Armrest, light, cuspidor, multidelivery format
Integrated instruments Intraoral camera, curing light, scaler, handpiece illumination, electric handpieces
Moves front to back?/Distance No
Total footprint 10.25 sq ft
Fixed to the floor or movable Movable
Right to left convertible? Yes
Fingertip or body controls Body controls standard, fingertip available
Headrest? Fixed or removable? Yes, removable
Neck support? Fixed or removable? Yes, removable
Range of lift height 17.75 in
Back tilt 89°
Front rise 8.5 in
Total length at max extension 79.5 in
Designed to maximize infection control? Yes
Available materials Naugahyde, leather, fabric, boltaflex
How long is the warranty? Extended warranty option? 5 years, no extended warranty

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