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The HELIODENT PLUS is a compact, ultralight, vertically mounted intraoral x-ray generator featuring quick and safe operation that enhances your practice’s workflow. You can change from digital to film-based exposure with the push of a button. You can choose 60 kV for high-contrast images or 70 kV for highly detailed images. For more information, call (800) 659-5977 or visit

Parameters of Product: Intraoral System Buyer's Guide
Number of installations
Operating system
Bridges to major dental software systems?
Recommended exposures for intraoral image
System parameters: direct or indirect to computer?
Sensor chip material
Sensor resolution (lp/mm)
Sensor attachment to base
Sensor connection
Time from exposure to image on screen
Image size on computer
DICOM compliant?
Warranty period Sensors 24 months
Software support

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