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KromaFaze Dust-Free Alginate is available in easy-to-use Singles packages. This unique design contains a premeasured volume of alginate for a single impression. Singles are convenient and ensure consistent mixes every time. The color-change of its alginate offers a visual guide for consistent im­pression making. The superior strength and physical characteristics of KromaFaze as­sure an easy-to-mix material that produces a surface of unsurpass­ed smoothness. Purple FAZE mixes, Pink FAZE loads, and White FAZE seats. Remove the tray 30 seconds after seating. For more information, call (800) 833-8267 or visit the Web site www.duxdental.com.

Parameters of Product: Impression Materials Buyer's Guide
Material mixed with? Mixing device
Fast set? Yes
Regular set? No
Material affected by? Oral temperature
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic Hydrophilic
Number of viscosities 1
Recommended for single-arch impressions? Yes
Recommended for double-arch impressions? Yes
Fragrance, flavor, or neutral Fragrance
Shore A durometer at 1 hour 20 to 25
Earliest time after setting a model may be poured Immediately
Longest time after setting a model may be poured 100 hours
Shelf life 2 years

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