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J. Morita USA

PerfectIM Systems offers accurate final impressions of subgingival margins without use of a retraction cord, gingival ex­cision, or application of hemostatic agents. This 2-step, vinyl polysiloxane impression system eliminates the time-consuming task of packing a retraction cord—and therefore any possible post-traumatic discom­fort. These materials are car­tridge-dispensed, radiopaque, hydrophobic, thix­otropic (ex­cept SnoWhite), tasteless, and odorless. They provide excellent dimensional stability and are immersible in aqueous disinfectants. For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482).

Parameters of Product: Impression Materials Buyer's Guide
Material mixed with? Automixing syringe
Fast set? Yes
Regular set? Yes
Material affected by? Gloves, eugenol materials, hemostatic agents, powders, oral temperature
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic Hydrophobic
Number of viscosities 6
Recommended for single-arch impressions? Yes
Recommended for double-arch impressions? Yes
Fragrance, flavor, or neutral Neutral
Shore A durometer at 1 hour 50 to 80
Earliest time after setting a model may be poured Immediately
Longest time after setting a model may be poured 14 days
Shelf life 2 years

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