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Technology 4Medicine

The new 1064XLASE 10W perio and soft-tissue dental laser utilizes the exact same wavelength as the proven Nd:YAG, making it effective for periodontal treatment. Micro-second pulsing makes it the fastest and cleanest-cutting diode laser. A high-powered laser, it is truly portable and provides battery operation that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. For more information, call (949) 276-6650 or visit

Parameters of Product: Diode Lasers Buyer's Guide
Type of procedure(s) Soft-tissue procedures, hygiene
Lasing medium InGaAsP 1064 semiconductor
Lifetime of lasing medium (hours) 60,000 hours
Wavelength(s) 1,064 nm
Emission mode(s) Continuous, pulse (micro- and millisecond)
Controllable power range (W) 100MW to 10W
Delivery system Strippable fiber optic, disposable tips
Additional features Presets, touchscreen operation
Fiber diameter 200 to 500 µm
Sterilization method Autoclave
Electrical power requirements 120V, battery-operated
Training with purchase Yes
Length of parts warranty 24 months
Length of labor warranty 24 months

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