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The PaX-Duo3D Cone Beam CT allows automatic switching between panoramic and CT sensors and also offers 3-D and 2-D scans. The scanner features an LCD window as well as an imbedded camera for patient positioning. Each capture mode obtains an optimized image of the region of interest with minimal radiographic exposure. For more information, call (888) 396-6872 or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: 3-D Imaging Buyer's Guide
Number of installations
Focal spot size
Voxel size
What is the unit designed for?
Field of view size
Radiation dosage
Total exposure time
Reconstruction time
Degree of rotation
Does CBCT require upgrading graphic cards/memory chips?
Native DICOM3-compliant?
Is viewing software bundled with CBCT purchase?
Warranty period (months/years)
Support handled through dealer or manufacturer?

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