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The key to the V3 sec­tional matrix system is the Ni-Ti V3 Ring, which uses optimal separation force to achieve predictably tight contacts. The V-shaped tines straddle the Wave-­Wedge, and the tine’s broad shape prevents the ring from collapsing into large cavities. The V3 matrices, with their rolled marginal ridge and S-shaped vertical contour, recreate the proximal anatomy, so there is less finishing. The wedge provides an excellent seal on the gingival margin. For more information, call (800) 811-3949.

Parameters of Product: Matrix Systems Buyers Guide
Type of material used Rings are Nickel Titanium with glass fiber reinforced plastic
Type of coverage N/A
Thickness Matrix bands are 30 microns
Available sizes : V3 Ring Universal (Green), V3 Ring Narrow (Yellow). V3 Tab Matrix (4.5mm, 5.5mm & 6.5mm), Wave-Wedges (white-small, pink-medium, purple-large)
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