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Ergonomic Products

The 3 series chairs are the most comfortable dental chairs ever made. With built-in memory foam, heat, massage, traversing motion, and patented self-tensioning cradle arm slings, no other chair ideally balances doctor and patient comfort. It was chosen as one of Dentistry Today's Readers' Choice Top 50 Technology Products of 2010. For more information, call (866) ERGO-4-US or visit

Parameters of Product: Chairs Buyers Guide
Flexible options Armrest, light, cuspidor, multidelivery format
Integrated instruments Full-unit integration as well as nitrous oxide and sedation monitors
Moves front to back?/Distance Yes, 10 in
Total footprint 6.7 ft x 2.2 ft
Fixed to the floor or movable Movable
Right to left convertible? Yes
Fingertip or body controls Both
Headrest? Fixed or removable? Yes, removable
Neck support? Fixed or removable? Yes, removable
Range of lift height 15.25 in to 31.75 in
Back tilt 60°
Front rise 7 in
Total length at max extension 70 in
Designed to maximize infection control? Yes (optional)
Available materials Naugahyde, Ultraleather
How long is the warranty? Extended warranty option? 5 years for defects/work; 10 years for position components; 1 year for upholstery; no extended warranty

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