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The Power Brite In-Office Dental Bleach has been evaluated by a highly regarded independent research and testing foundation and was designated as the top tooth-brightening product. After one year, it had the least lightness regression of all 7 products tested, an improvement of more than 25% over its nearest competitor and more than 42% over the product in third place. It is packaged in a kit of 6 applicator brushes and 2 ampules of gel. The kit contains bleach sufficient for 16 teeth, with 3 applications per tooth. For more inĀ­formation, call (203) 778-0200 or visit

Parameters of Product: In-Office Whitening Systems Buyers Guide
Active whitening ingredient Hydrogen peroxide
Concentration of active ingredient 25%
Fluoride or desensitizers Neither
Viscosity Thick gel
Light or heat source Neither
pH when in use in the mouth Approximately 7.0
Flavoring? No
Is whitening material premixed? Yes
Automix or operator mix? N/A
Average time to treat a single arch 45 minutes
Number of treatment sessions per arch One
Refrigeration required? Yes
Shelf life 18 months
Isolation of gingival tissues required? Yes
Isolation material included in kit? No
Recommended material for gingival isolation Rubber dam, paint-on rubber dam, soft-tissue gel
Home treatment recommended before/after bleaching? No
Maintenance product included? No

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