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EXACTA Dental Products

The ultimate aesthetic restoration is now available with EXACTA Clear Fiber Posts. These newly engineered posts are created by braiding presilinated glass fibers and then forming to functional shapes. The serrated and tapered design permits easy insertion, but when cemented will become mechanically locked in place. EXACTA Clear Fiber Posts possess similar physical properties as tooth structure, which allows for natural force dissemination. For more information, call (800) 474-7665 or visit the Web site exactadental.com.

Parameters of Product: Fiber Posts Buyer's Guide
Material Glass fiber
Color Translucent
Light transmitting? Yes
Design Passive, active
Shape Parallel, tapered
Recommended adhesive Fourth, fifth, and sixth generations
Recommended cement Adhesive and nonadhesive
Recommended core build-up material Resin
Bond strength to adhesive/cement in MPa N/A
Available lengths 16
Available widths 1.125, 1.25, 1.375, 1.5
Are the components size-matched? Yes
Are the posts matched to endo file shapes and sizes? Yes
How are posts packaged? Kit, refills

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