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The Capture Im­pression Sys­tem is an ultrahydro­phil­ic vinyl polysiloxane formulation. The contrasting colors of the light and medium to heavy or putty viscosities provide quick, visual inspection of the marginal detail. Available in 7 viscosities for crown and bridge impressions, it has 2 oral set times: 2 minutes for crown set and 3 for bridge set. Capture also offers 2 bite registrations, including hard bite and transparent clear bite. Standard and special tray adhesives are available for plastic or custom trays. For more information, call (888) 303-3975.

Parameters of Product: Impression Materials Buyer's Guide
Material mixed with? Mixing device, tips
Fast set? Yes
Regular set? Yes
Material affected by? Gloves, oral temperature
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic Hydrophilic
Number of viscosities 6
Recommended for single-arch impressions? Yes
Recommended for double-arch impressions? Yes
Fragrance, flavor, or neutral Neutral
Shore A durometer at 1 hour 45 to 90
Earliest time after setting a model may be poured 30 minutes
Longest time after setting a model may be poured 2 weeks
Shelf life 3 years

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