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The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge is a screw-retained imĀ­plant bridge that revolutionizes implant prosthetics. Its all-inclusive pricing is less than most hybrid bridges, bar overdentures, or PFM screw-retained bridges, and there is a 5-year warranty against chipping or breakage, underscoring the confidence in the Prettau zirconia. With custom shades, custom shapes, no chipping, no staining, no acrylic, and less prosthetic space needed than a hybrid bridge, the Prettau zirconia bridge offers all the benefits over the alternative choices, with lower pricing. For more information, call (845) 679-2737 or visit the zrbridge.com.

Parameters of Product: Implant Systems buyers Guide
Featured connectors Internal, external, combination
Style Threaded, cylinder, tapered
Finish Machined, coated, textured, HA coated, acid-etched, TPS, oxidized, activated coating
Diameter Narrow, standard, wide
Fixed or removable replacement Fixed replacement
Removable fixtures available N/A
Type(s) of prosthesis retention Fixed, screw-retained, cement-retained
Impression post supplied? Yes
Type(s) of impression copings Direct (open tray)
Types of abutments Nonhex, straight
Fixed abutments Milled ceramic/CAD/CAM, castable component

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