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Multipurpose Appliance Solves Multiple Clinical Challenges

11 Jan 2017
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Novo Smile, powered by First Fit Technologies, is a multipurpose appliance that is ideal for solving a variety of clinical challenges. It can be used long-term or as a transition to more extensive cosmetic and restorative procedures. 

Among its applications, it can be used as an aesthetic provisional for implant restorations, as a vehicle for raising vertical dimension, as cosmetic removable partial dentures, and as a long-term smile enhancement excellent solution for implant and prosthetic cases. In fact, research has shown that 40% of patients who started treatment with Novo Smile transitioned into more extensive restorative dentistry.  

The appliance does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate since its retention is completely toothborne, using the heights of contour, and it literally “clicks” on the gingival third. Noninvasive, easily removable, and completely reversible, it transforms smiles in just a pair of 20-minute visits that require no prepping, injections, or adhesives. 

The appliance can be ordered as a full arch or as a partial (5 units or less). Each appliance comes with a 2-year product warranty. For more information, call VIAX Dental Technologies at (844) 842-9522 or visit

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