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Appliance Cleaner Also Gently Whitens Teeth

14 Mar 2017
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EverSmile’s patented WhiteFoam cleans clear aligners, clear braces, mouthpieces, and clear retainers while at the same time gently whitening teeth, with virtually no sensitivity, issues the company states. It is applied into aligners and can be used in the mouth, while the patient is wearing the aligner, or outside the mouth, while aligners are in their case.

WhiteFoam’s formula is gentle on the teeth and gums, according to EverSmile. Also, the whitening effect of its hydrogen peroxide will penetrate through tooth enamel under any aligner attachments, so there will be no visible discoloration when the attachments are removed. EverSmile recommends that WhiteFoam be used once or twice a day, though patients can apply it as often as 4 times a day if they wish.

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