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Add-On Light Head Enhances Curing Procedures

14 Apr 2017
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To enhance curing procedures, DentLite’s FUSION 5 Twinhead, a small add-on light head, splits a high-power light into 2 separate beams that can cure from both the buccal and lingual sides simultaneously, improving composite bonding to cavity walls to avoid shrinkage-related white lines and microleakage, particularly for bulk cures.

The Twinhead’s flexible 360° swivel design also allows it to cure multiple spots to speed up bonding veneers and brackets. Delivering 4,000 mW/cm2, the FUSION 5 is the dental profession’s most powerful curing light, according to the company. And, it can switch its light heads to perform caries detection, oral cancer screening, and cold laser therapy.

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