de St. Georges, Jennifer M.

Jennifer M. de St. Georges
104 Sand Hill Circle
Menlo Park, CA 94025

P: (800) 393-2207
C: (650) 644-5722
F: (866) 442-0166

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Ms. de St. Georges has been a professional educator, lecturer, and advisor to dentists and teams in dental management efficiency for more than 30 years. She has gained a global reputation for delivering content-driven, practical solutions for running today’s dental practice. Her many and detailed programs are based on common sense and logic. Each program is supported with a detailed workbook to assist doctor and team in an easier approach to implementation and change. A Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics, she presently serves as the Senior Executive Efficiency Consultant to The Massad Center for Higher Learning. Mrs. de St. Georges was the first non-dentist to be appointed to the Dentistry Today Contributing Editors Board. With more than 300 published articles, she has presented more than 1,000 programs on 5 continents. Her bookings run from large international meetings to national, regional, state, and local levels as well as small private study clubs. She reduces complex issues, through taking the common sense and practical approach, down to workable and practical solutions. She places enormous emphasis on raising the level of doctor/team and patient communication. She has been voted the Member of the Year by the National Speakers’ Association Northern California chapter.

Lecture Topics:
Practice Management (Patient, Team, and Business Segments)
2014 Lecture Highlights:

Jan 18: National Speakers Association Academy Presentation; San Francisco, Calif
Mar 15: National Speakers Association Academy Presentation; San Francisco, Calif
Sep TBD: Lisbon, Portugal                
Oct TBD: Private Study Club; Havana, Cuba
Please visit for complete lecture schedule, including several international trips for private study clubs and meetings.