Silverman, Harvey N.

Harvey N. Silverman, DMD
24100 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 170
Beachwood, OH 44122

P: (216) 256-4599
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Dr. Silverman is a graduate of the Washington University School of Dental Medicine. By 1983 Dr. Silverman had refined many of the initial tooth bonding technologies, had refined/developed one of the original porcelain veneer systems, and was already a national clinician for DenMat Corporation. He taught advanced tooth bonding systems to his colleagues through an ongoing series of continuing education seminars. He pioneered Extreme Dental Makeovers in 1987, established the first dental spa in the United States, and opened an on-site training institute in Cleveland, Ohio, to train dentists with personalized one-to-one education in the field of cosmetic dentistry. In 1993, along with infomercial developer Guthy-Renker Corporation and television celebrity Vanna White, Dr. Silverman's Perfect Smile Tooth Whitening System helped launch today's over-the-counter tooth whitening category. Following Perfect Smile, Dr. Silverman developed numerous tooth whitening systems Including Kim Alexis' Rapid White, Shandi Finnessy's WhiteLight, and Deborah Shelton's Smile. Dr. Silverman recently invented LifeLIke Veneers for restoring one to 4 veneers in one hour in one visit without CAD/CAM or pre-formed veneers. he also developed a new tooth whitening system, EasySmile, that does not require paint-on rubber dam isolation and does not cause sensitivity. Dr. Silverman continues to develop new, simplified cosmetic dental systems and offers dentists unique hands-on training webinars, over-the-shoulder training programs, and a one-day on-site cosmetic dentistry team building program designed to build bread-and-butter elective cosmetic dentistry practices in less than one month. He has also served as a consulting and contributing editor to Dental Management Magazine.

Lecture Topics:
New Smile Makeover (Marketing, Management, Team Building)
Expand Your Bread & Butter Cosmetic Dentistry Practice in Less Than One Month
Noninvasive Smile Makeovers Using Single Veneers
How to Do 200% More Cosmetic Dentistry Without Selling
Cosmetic Dentistry With Impact: Fun and Stress-Free (Technology, Aesthetics, Patient Satisfaction)
2014 Lecture Highlights:
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