AIR-DRIVEN HANDPIECE - Handpiece Solutions

MK-dent high-speed handpieces feature high power, concentric turbines for a long lifespan, and ceramic bearings for a vibration-free operation. The sterilization-resistant, 25,000-lux, glass-rod optics maximize visibility. Each handpiece is ergonomically designed for handling comfort, and the push-button chuck system allows for quick and safe bur switching. The handpieces are compatible with KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK, and Star couplings and are very reasonably priced. For more information, call (888) 488-3885 or visit the Web site handpiecesolutions.com.


CPR can help a person in cardiac arrest, but it alone cannot save lives. A “shock” from a defibrillator is needed to restore the heart’s normal pumping rhythm. Ready when needed, the Heart­Start OnSite is powered by a simple, safe, long-life (4-year) battery. For more information, call (800) 331-1984.

IMPLANT - Hiossen

The HGIII fixture is regarded as the present and future of dental implants. Its enhanced initial stability yields optimal conditions for immediate and early loading, and its dual thread design distributes stress evenly on the bone, delivers smooth insertion, and allows for easy path correction. Integrated platform switching of the HGIII creates an environment of minimal bone loss and a wide range of aesthetic options. For more information, call (888) 678-0001 or visit hiossen.com.

LOUPES - HEINE North America

The HR Binocular Loupes in 2.5x magnification now feature a patented, new 3-point articulation system that allows a 10° higher angle of declination than through-the-lens loupe systems. The all-new i-VIEW for S-Frame allows users to completely adjust the angle of declination from zero to 45°. Nearly half of dental professionals require an angle of declination between 35° and 45°, which is why HEINE Loupes are unique in their ability to relieve strain for those practitioners. For more information, call (800) 367-4872.


Venus Bulk Fill is the optimal restorative solution that offers savings of time with a faster, easier placement of posterior restorations while proving its clinical efficacy with 4 mm depth of cure, low shrinkage stress, and high radiopacity. It offers self-adaptive handling that eliminates the need for incremental layering and provides ideal coverage of cavity floor and walls. For more information, call (877) 258-5937 or visit heraeusdentalusa.com.

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