Quick-Stat FREE is a viscous, clear hemostatic agent containing no epinephrine that quickly stops bleeding while allowing ultimate visibility at the targeted area, without blackening surrounding tissue. Its proprietary surface modifiers allow for better penetration, more efficient coagulation of red blood cells, and better dispersion of active agents within the wound without flowing onto surrounding tissue. For more information, call (877) 418-4782.

HYDRO-ABRASION DEVICE - Velopex International

The Aquacut Quattro takes the original concept of air abrasion and, with the addition of fluid, creates Aquabrasion, a more efficient and gentle technology. The unit’s unique fluid curtain suppresses powder as it increases cutting efficiency by constantly removing debris created from the cutting process. Cutting, polishing, cleaning, and drying are all done using one handpiece. For more information, call (888) 835-6739.


The new, comfortable, cushioned, adjustable Lana Loupe Headband takes the weight off your nose. The telescopes flip up and can be worn with prescription, safety, or laser safety glasses. It is available in 3.5x, 4.0x, 5.0x, 6x, and economically priced. For more information, call (800) 257-7582 in the United States, (856) 795-6199 internationally, or visit visionusasupplies.com.


Amaris Simplified Esthetics composite restores the entire classic Vita shade range with just 5 opaque and 3 translucent shades. A low shrinkage of 2% and excellent wear resistance guarantees long lasting posterior restorations. It is a nonsticky composite, which means it is easy to shape without slumping, has superb polishability and excellent gloss retention, and shade stability. It offers at least 8 minutes of working time. For more information, call (888) 658-2584 or visit vocoamerica.com.


The cordless VITA Easyshade Compact, the second generation of the VITA Easyshade device, delivers instant, accurate shades in both VITA 3D-Master and VITA Classical shades, regardless of lighting conditions and other elements that can lead to improper shade measurement. It eliminates the subjectivity often found when shade-taking with the naked eye caused by reasons like eye fatigue and ambient light. For more information, call (800) 828-3839.

15th Annual Fall Product Showcase