The amalgam separator program provides the dental office with cost-effective EPA compliance regarding amalgam separator regulations, all while being maintenance-free for up to 3 years. That means not having to change a filter or be exposed to toxic mercury and biohazardous waste. The M.A.R.S. separator is ISO-11143 certified at 99% mercury removal. For more information, call (800) 799-3858 or visit medidenta.com.



The Metalift Crown and Bridge Removal System removes inlays, three-quarter crowns, full crowns, and fixed bridges without destroying them, thus allowing them to be reused. The system is gentle on patients and their teeth. For more information, call (800) 928-9289.


DENTAL GEL PATCHES - MIS Implants Technologies

PerioPatch, part of the new oral care products brand named PeriZone, acts as a barrier and provides relief from the signs and symptoms of oral inflammation and trauma. Specifically, the hydrogel patch absorbs wound exudates and, in turn, promotes natural healing. For more information, visit perizoneonline.com.


DIAMOND BUR - Microcopy

NeoDiamond is America's highest-rated, No.1-selling diamond bur, based on SDM dealer sales. Its exclusive Triton bonding fastens diamonds to the shank with superior hardness, exposing 20% more diamond cutting surface for a faster cut with less chair time. NeoDiamond's XactFit Shank has the strictest tolerances in the profession to ensure a secure fit. Each diamond bur is sterilized. For more information, call (800) 235-1863 or neodiamond.com.



Microbrush applicators are specially designed for precise application of controlled amounts of material in hard-to-reach areas. Their superior design features stiffer applicator heads in 3 sizes that allow for scrubbing, reliable fibers that resist the harshest dental materials, and a stronger bendable portion. They are ideal for applying cements, etchants, sealants, bonding agents, hemostatic solutions, and conditioners. For more information, call (866) 866-8998 or visit microbrush.com.


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