The Obtura III Max is the preferred instrument for all backfill procedures. This new and improved unit features better ergonomics and user-friendly features, such as: (1) an enhanced thermal protector that reduces heat around patient contact surfaces; (2) cartridge-free operation that eliminates midprocedure filling hassles; (3) advanced connectivity that eliminates downtime for charging; and (4) an updated design and new unit face control for even easier handling overall. For more information, call (800) 344-1321 or visit obtura.com.


IMPLANT - OCO Biomedical

The ISI Complete is a one-piece implant with a success rate that rivals many 2-stage systems. Employing the unique Dual Stabilization implant body, it resists lateral occlusal forces with mini Cortic-O threads at the collar and at the bull-nose auger tip. When the ISI is set, the proprietary tip design causes tension, which stimulates bone growth and creates a denser concentration of bone. For more information, call (800) 228-0477.


LED HEADLIGHT - Orascoptic

The Freedom cordless LED headlight was created in response to practitioner concerns that current LED cables are both cumbersome and unreliable. It is the first light system that does not employ belt-packs, long electrical cables, or buttons. For more information, call (800) 369-3698 or visit orascoptic.com.



Three salivary diagnostic tests are fundamental elements of a patient's wellness plan: (1) MyPerioPath determines the cause of periodontal infections; (2) MyPerioID PST determines who is at an increased risk for severe periodontal infections; and (3) OraRisk HPV determines who is at increased risk for HPV-related oral cancers. For more information, visit the Web site oraldna.com/training.


16th Annual Fall Product Showcase