First Impressions: April 2014

In First Impressions, George Freedman, DDS, gives readers a brief summary of products that have recently been introduced to dentistry, based on his clinical experience.

Opalesence GO
Ultradent Products

One of the most common problems with at-home bleaching treatment is patient compliance. Patients are definitely on board with the process of whitening their teeth, and they are generally comfortable with the procedure; it is the required step-by-step method that causes complications. Most patients do not effectively hear (or remember) the in-office instructions that are provided with a home treatment or maintenance product, and they are unlikely to read the accompanying printed information. In the face of confusion, patients simply choose not to use the product. Therefore, the fundamental key to all home whitening products is simplicity and ease of use. Ultradent Products has introduced its innovative Opalesence GO, the professional alternative to the numerous, and mostly marginally effective, over-the-counter whitening products. First and foremost for office scheduling and auxiliary interest, no impressions or custom trays are needed; Opalesence GO is ready (and easy) to use right out of the package. The tooth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate (helps to reduce bleaching sensitivity which rarely occurs) and fluoride (strengthens enamel and reduces dental caries). It is a simple and pleasant tasting material that can be used for starting tooth whitening or offering whitening touchups to those who have completed their treatment. The technique is stress-free: Opalesence GO’s prefilled whitening trays fit comfortably over the teeth. The 2 concentrations available are 10% and 15%. The wear time for the 10% carbamide peroxide is 30 to 60 minutes per day, while the 15% requires only 15 to 20 minutes of wear time. The clear trays are not readily visible, allowing patients to whiten their teeth inconspicuously in the midst of other activities. Opalesence GO is available in 3 flavors: mint, peach, and melon.

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G-CEM LinkAce
GC America

The early multistep, multicomponent cementation techniques have long since been banished to obsolescence. When resin cements were first introduced, the technique often involved a minimum of 6 hands (dentist plus assistants) simultaneously preparing all the components and surfaces. Otherwise, some of the cementation components polymerized out of sequence, requiring the entire process to be started anew. Today, self-curing, automixing, self-adhesive resin cements are the state of the art for affixing indirect restorations to tooth abutments. The practitioner is looking for optimal restorative properties combined with one-step clinical ease of use. GC America has developed G-CEM LinkAce to provide a predictably optimal solution for the everyday challenges faced by dentists during indirect restorative procedures. The cement is delivered through a single-handed, double-barreled automix syringe; the component materials are kept safely away from each other for extended shelf life and are mixed, in perfect proportion, immediately prior to every use. The regular automix tip is indicated for crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, while the post-endodontic tips are suitable for posts. The cement shades include A2, AO3, BO1, and translucent and can be used with all-ceramic, metal, and composite indirect restorations. Hydroxyethyl methacrylate-free, they exhibit very low water sorption and exceptional color stability, an excellent choice for all-ceramic and lithium disilicate crowns. G-CEM LinkAce has been designed with an innovative initiator system that provides very high polymerization in the self-cure mode. Its proprietary phosphate monomers deliver a high bond durability to zirconia restorations that increases throughout time. The fillers are very small and homogeneously distributed, simplifying cementation of CAD/CAM and metal-free restorations, and offering excellent wear resistance in functional marginal areas. Excess cement removal is fast and easy after a brief (one to 2 second) tack-cure.

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Access S4500KL Fiber Optic High Speed Air Driven Handpiece
Sable Industries

The practitioner’s workhorse is the high-speed handpiece. This is the instrument that does the most clinical work, does it more rapidly and comfortably, and permits the dentist to generate enough in billings to make the modern practice financially viable. It is hard to believe that high-speed handpieces were not even part of the dental armamentarium until about 55 years ago. They have significantly changed the practice of dentistry, and combined with local anesthetics, have rehabilitated the public perception of dentists. Air-turbine high-speed handpieces are currently most popular in North America, and a wide range is available. Sable Industries has recently introduced their titanium-finished Access S4500KL Fiber Optic High Speed Air Driven Handpiece. This high torque instrument (rated at 16 W) cuts through natural and restorative materials quickly and effectively. Its compact head height permits more convenient and easier access (and visibility) to the most unreachable surfaces of the entire dentition. Ceramic bearings provide vibration-free tooth preparation at lower noise levels, decreasing operator fatigue and muscle strain. All Sable fiber-optic handpieces are compatible with KaVo’s Multiflex couplers. The fiber-optic Access S4500KL has a 25,000-LUX illumination (utilizing existing power optics systems through the Multiflex-style coupler), a 3-port water spray, and pushbutton chucking, all standard. The oval illumination port minimizes shadows and brightens the working area. The swivel-attachment Access S4500KL is light in weight and very ergonomic. Its smaller size makes it comfortable for all, in particular practitioners with smaller hands. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the initial handpiece purchase as well as one-year warranties on replacement turbines. The Access S4500KL Fiber Optic High Speed Air Driven Handpiece has a lower cost than many of its competitors, making it an attractive purchase.

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Dr. Freedman is a founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a co-founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is a visiting professor at the Universita di Firenze, Florence, Italy. He is the materials editor for Dentistry Today. He is the author or co-author of 11 textbooks, including his most recent textbook Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry (Elsevier), more than 700 dental articles, and numerous webinars and CDs, and is a team member of REALITY. He lectures internationally on dental aesthetics, adhesion, desensitization, composites, impression materials, and porcelain veneers. A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Freedman maintains a private practice limited to aesthetic dentistry in Toronto. He can be reached at (905) 513-9191 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .